Best tips when hiring bouncy castles

Regardless of your location, you have to be careful when hiring a bouncy castle. There are important tips that you have to consider to ensure that you make the right choice as far as hiring the bouncy castles is concerned. Here are some of the tips to consider when hiring a bouncy castle.

Best tips

Tip one


When hiring a bouncy castle, ensure you do so from a well-known company in your area. Do not take risks with the startups. One benefits of going for the well-known companies is that you will go for the experience. You will be able to talk to the previous clients who have used the service before. This is likely to either encourage you or dissuade you from looking for an alternative option.

Tip two

Secondly, ensure that the company has insured for the bouncy castle services and all the services offered. Since the bouncy castle is a high impact game it, the children are prone to incurring injuries. Ensure that the company is insured so that the parties are covered in the event of any eventuality.

Tip three

The contact of the company is also critical. Do they have a mobile number or a telephone? Having a fixed telephone number shows that the firm has a physical address from where they operate from. It is through the contact that you can know whether the company provides the services on a part-time or full-time basis. Make a point of visiting the company physically and talk to the management one on one. Ask all questions that you need clarity. If you are satisfied with their responses, you can go ahead and pay for the bouncy castle.

Tip four

How safe is the bouncy castle? Check a number of the sandbags or safety mats provided. This is one of the ways of ensuring that the bouncy castle is safe not only for you put your child as well. You can check the safety aspects of the bouncy castle by re-pegging the inflatable to ensure that it is usable and safe.

Tip five


You can be able to tell whether a company is professional or not from the first impression. Using your instincts and looking at individual factors highlighted above, you can decide whether or not to hire a particular company. Look at how they deal with your inquiry whether you are looking for a high or small value hire. Look at other aspects like whether or not you will receive a confirmation call and whether they wear uniforms or not.

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