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The 12 Week Mastery Bonus Program

Did you know that you have the potential to accomplish anything you set your mind to? Are you aware of your built-in potential that is buried deep inside you? Have you ever wondered why some people keep moving forward and attaining success while you are still stuck at the same place struggling with your life? Probably, the major difference between you and these successful people lies on simple practices and tricks you haven’t discovered in your life yet. The 12 week mastery bonus is the remedy to all your life and financial hardships. Ensure you enroll as soon as it is launched.

What is the 12 Week Mastery Bonuman working with laptop s?

The 12-week mastery productivity program by NY time’s bestselling author Brian P. Moran will be going live soon, on June 22nd, 2016 to be exact. This 12-week mastery program is set to be the most goal-setting and achievement program all focused on productivity, execution, and implementation to attain your goals. There are seven components included in this program that clients stand to benefit from which include:

First component

The Webinar training from Brian P. Moran is the first step; here the author teaches his clients about how to start the program without a doubt and assist them to understand the programs systems, philosophies, and strategies.

Second component

This is the 12 week year, emails and videos are sent to clients throughout the period to inspire, educate, and keep clients on track with their plans.

Third component

Here, all the clients go through live training giving them an opportunity for Q&A. This gives them a full understanding of the previous components and what’s to come. The benefit of this component is to help all the clients understand all the theories before they attend the live launch event.

Fourth component

The clients get two tickets to the 12-week mastery live event scheduled for June 22, 2016, at West Palm Beach, FL.

Fifth component

This musholding phonet be the most exciting part I must say. Though it’s optional, make it a must-do, after completing the previous four components, here, you participate in a 12-week contest where you put all the steps you have learned to test into a real life situation. Participants stand to win a grand prize or prizes valued at $15k.

Sixth component

Here clients get a hard copy of the ’12 Week Year’ book, a welcome letter, scorecard sheets, game plan and 12 weekly plans.

Seventh component

This is the hyperactive and valuable membership community. In this component, daily videos will also be posted; clients get a chance to encourage and push each other to be their best. The 12-week mastery bonus can change your life and with all it has to offer, the admission for this course is worth changing your life regardless of whether you win the grand prize or not.

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