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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

Developed by Anik Signal, an online marketer with over ten years of experience in this field, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is an online marketing program that has procedural lessons on how to build a successful internet based marketing using email subscriptions.

The inbox blueprint 2.0 teaches the learners the techniques of developing a list of email subscribers assuming that each customer’s email address is equal to a dollar and therefore a potential income. Inbox Blueprint 2.0 incorporates both tutorials and lessons to get the information to the learners.

The eight steps of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 package

The addiction meter

This is the first step that introduces the learner to the different recommendation about the niche to select for email patternmarketing. It gives options on how to choose the best niche as not all niche are suitable for email marketing. The most recommended niche is one with a high demand for the needed products. This step also shows the learner the different methods of making money online and the website to select products that are relevant to the chosen niche.

The bait

This step shows how to build an opt-in page, data to collect from different email subscribers, the design techniques and information to share with the customers.

The method

This is an online thank you page when potential buyers subscribe. It highlights how to apply for the Clickbank thank you page and the strategies to use on the thank you pages.

Email machine

Also known as the automatic responder service. Email tool is used to respond promptly to the email lists of the subscribers. It also allows setting for ad-hoc emails and the electronic mails. However, it has a recurring cost on the internet marketer.

List relationship

This is the fifth step of this training module, and it focuses on building a working relationship between the subscribers and the online marketer. This relationship builds trust and promotes the services to the client.

Payday Secrets

These steps show how you can convert the subscriptions into money. It also shows how you can increase your earnings using affiliate marketing programs as well as how to create genuine products.

Easy traffic

This shows how you can generate traffic for your page using social media, blogging, Yahoo answers, paid advertisement, free advertising and commenting on relevant blogs.

Unlimited success

marketingThis is the last step of this training program. It has Metris to watch; it highlights how to ensure that the emails are delivered and read by the subscribers as well as how to increase open rates and deliverability.

This training program is easy to follow, enjoyable with explicit materials. It will certainly be beneficial to you whether you are a skilled or a beginner online marketer.

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