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Glucosamine For Dogs – Facts you Should Know

Most dog owners love their dog dearly. Pets provide us with immense joy and seeing them in shape is quite uplifting. However, like all living things, pets also grow old. One of the saddest moments for a dog owner is when they realize that their dog is slowing down. It is also painful to see your dog lazing around and not running, and jumping the way it used to be before.

Why Glucosamine?a dog

Your dog may be growing old, but his or her slowing down may not be due to old age. It could be that your pet is suffering from joint pains, which is the reason it does not want to move around anymore. However, there is a bigger issue rooted in its joints.

Just like most living animals, it’s important that your dog gets his or her regular exercise. However, the joint pains may be robbing your dog of his daily dose of regular physical activities. When this is allowed to prolong, your dog’s condition may further deteriorate as inactivity will lead to muscle and joint stiffness.

About Glucosamine

Glucosamine for dogs may be the solution to your problem. It is a naturally occurring substance in your dog. The highest concentration of Glucosamine is found in healthy cartilages. Glucosamine is paramount as it helps your dog produce glycosaminoglycan.

Glycosaminoglycan is the substance that helps in the formation and repairing of the cartilage and other body tissues. As your dog ages, the production of glycosaminoglycan slows down. Hence, repair and formation of new cartilage and other tissues also slow down, which then causes joint pain for your dogs. So how do you slow down this aging effect?

One solution is through glucosamine supplements. With glucose supplements, the glucosamine levels of your dog increases; which ultimately slows down the bone and cartilage problems brought by aging. In fact, it may even improve the overall condition of your dog. There are also other known benefits of glucosamine.

Glucosamine For Dogs Benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory – this reduces the joint pains that your dog may be feeling.
  • Increase joint health – this will increase the mobility of your dog.
  • Joint lubricant – this will slow down the natural wear and tear in your dog’s joints and bones.

brown dogsMaybe the reason your dog is not very active is because of the joint pains that your dog feels whenever he or she moves. Glucosamine supplements can help increase the levels of glycosaminoglycan in your dog’s body. This ultimately leads to the rebuilding of joint damages and helps in the slowing down of the bone deterioration. This supplement is sold at My Bones and Biscuits. Thus, if you suspect that joint pains may cause your dog’s inactivity, then it’s worth trying glucosamine for dogs.

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