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Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Tips

The Fraser River host one of the largest populations of the sturgeon in the whole world. The Sturgeon is one of the biggest freshwater fish found in North America. The fish do not have scales, and their skin resembles that of a shark. The Fraser River Sturgeon of recent years has become a common and popular game fish pursued by anglers from all over the world. You should consider looking at some Fraser River sturgeon fishing for an unmatched fishing experience. This write-up provides some of the best tips for fishing Sturgeon fish in the Fraser River.

Fisherman Tips

Use a good baitFisherman

The right term bait refers to imitating the insects that are present in the water. Different seasons come with various insects that the sturgeon fish feeds. Therefore to get the best hatch it is of importance and a must for a Fisher to use the best bait that is “in season”. For instance during the spring, one can use baits such as eels, dew worms, and eulachons as these baits are readily available in the river. During late fall, a fisher can use a fresh Chum salmon roe which is tied to a golf size nylon bag, and this will increase the sturgeon catch as this bait is like sturgeon candy.


It is a fact that sturgeon fish are lazy, lethargic fish that love their meals directly delivered to them. This means that for a Fisher to have a good catch, it is important to locate a deep slow moving water which the fish are likely to hold in.

The fish also have limited movements; this means that once you drop your anchor and hook a sturgeon, then there is a probability that you have found your honey hole.

Use the lightest weight as possible

A just enough weight is needed to keep your bait at the bottom of the river and without bouncing it in the current. This is because Mr. Sturgeon does not love the feeling of resistance when taking your bait. Quite often in many situations where the fish will pick up the bait and quickly drop it, but to avoid this it is advisable to lighten the weight, and the fish will stay long enough on the bait to get hooked up.

LeadSturgeon fisher length

Sturgeon fish are bottom feeders and in this case, the head length is critical. As a Fisher, you do not want your bait floating 3 feet over their head. What you require is a bait lying flat on the Fraser river bottom where the fish can easily smell and find the bait.

Fishing is not all about casting your line into the water with the hope of catching much fish as possible. Fishing requires a combination of the above tips and techniques to ensure that your success in the fishery.

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