How to Trademark Your Brand

When it comes to establishing your image and brand, it is crucial that you understand the legal issues that can guarantee its protection. Trademark Australia is critical for any brand. Creating a strong brand is essential for success in business, so protecting it is vital. This is because customers recognize your brand image and associate it with your company, products or services. So the last thing you want is for another brand to mimic your label! Learn how to trademark your brand so as to protect your marketing investment.

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What is a trademark?

A trademark is a way of identifying and distinguishing your product or service from those offered by other traders. It kjkjkjkjjcan be a logo, letter, word, phrase, sign, sound, picture, shape, scent, aspect of packaging, design or combination of these. It is more of a brand package.

Most people think that a trade mark is a business name, company or domain name, but that is not entirely accurate. Registering your domain name is not enough – all you will have achieved is preventing others from using that domain address, but someone could just as well take your business name and trademark it. It is important that you register your trade mark at the earliest possible opportunity so as to actually gain a statutory monopoly of it.

The trademark process

The first step is to decide if you have a trade mark before applying for one. There are some issues you have to consider, and making the wrong choice in your application can be costly if you go it alone. This is why you need to let a registered trademark agent to do all the heavy lifting for you.

One of the common mistakes people make is confusing the various types of intellectual property protection such as trade marks and design rights. Some believe that a trade mark can only be one thing: a logo. That’s not true, from the explanation offered above. Because preparing and following up on your trademark application is a very complex process, you need to let someone with knowledge of trademark law and the workings of the registration office to help you.

Reliable services

kjkjkjkjktrAt Seriously Trademarks, we offer professional and reliable services so you can sit back and relax. We will conduct a comprehensive search for so that you can be sure that your trademark is 100% unique. We will then start the registration process, navigating through all the tricky requirements on your behalf so that you won’t have to break a sweat.

Since this process takes quite some time, we will ensure that you get protection immediately as you wait for the final approval. With many years in this industry, we use our broad experience to give our customers professional stress-free service.

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